With 10 minutes left on my free Internet session at Manchester Central Library, I am unable to go in to much detail about the Joint Use Conference Pat and I are attending in Manchester. However, I can report a few things of interest.

1. There are no computers at the conference or anywhere near Salford Quays

2. It is really hot and there is no air conditioning or heat exchange

3. Joint Use libraries ARE the future of libraries. They come in all shapes, sizes and configurations but the underlying message is that a good partnership or set up is a win win win situation. On the other hand, a bad set up is a very unpleasant sounding situation.

4. There is a lot of money available to libraries in the UK and the US. Money pouring out of every public office, lottery grants and other funds.

5. The one thing that every library and institution has in common is EDUCATION!!! Shame on you Steve M. Sorry Carolyn, it is hard not to let your blood boil over our current situation. It is shameful.

Next time I can log in to the Peoples Network, I will write another installment.

One thought on “Manchester

  1. margot June 25, 2007 / 3:58 am

    Boiling blood helps on a really cold winters day in CHCH. Thought we’d remind you of the winter you have left behind. Snow predicted. Enjoy you learning experiences in the sun!!

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