Pearls of wisdom

“The only reason we have pearls is the irritation of the sand” and we have been urged to continue being “an irritation”. The UK is investing £8million on the rejuvenation of libraries so they expect to see more joint use opportunities and hybrid libraries. The conference ended to day with a reminder that joint use libraries are here to stay and each one will be different. However one of the questions asked which is worthy of discussion is Information gathering behaviours – are they the same for all users?  Cannot stay too long only have 10 mins remaining from 20 – had to attend to home and work emails first. Great news about the SLC – has made my day. Got my 5 min log out reminder, Bye.

2 thoughts on “Pearls of wisdom

  1. margot June 25, 2007 / 4:04 am

    I like the idea of a grain of sand irritation and creating a valueable pearl. We need to find our form of irritation to create valued funding for SLC from MOE. Reminder winter has hit since you left. Snow predicted… Enjoy the sun and all the exciting information shared.

  2. Pat June 25, 2007 / 5:36 pm

    What sun? Torrential rain, public transport now runnig over an hour late, if at all, only saving grace is my sister told me to bring a raincoat and umbrella and the temps are still 16-18 despite looking like drowned rat. Sustainability very interesting concept and the ideas we ave discussed re new opportunities are clearly the way forward.The learning centres here are also discussig new options as they come to the end of a ten year investment of funding. As you can imagine lots to share.

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