Abraham Moss LC

With the close of conference I am now participating in a series of learning activities. The first was a visit to the Aabrham Moss LC in Crumpsall serving a very disadvantaged community. It was fairly scary even walking around the campus which hosted adult education, secondary school, leisure services and a public library.

The issues the LC face were very similar to South both in terms of operational, services and sustainability. Lost of synergy with what we do but we have the added advantage of location within a library. Their resources were great – 75 computers and very advanced CAD and fabric printing specialist hardware not to mention loan equipment. The services are almost identical in terms of relationships and co-ordination of school programmes, however the staff are employed under teacher unions and don’t work school holidays so services are almost non-existent for holidayprogrammes.

Similar numbers coming through on weekly basis – but they have two fully equipped rooms with technology, three teaching staff, receptionist and IT support. John as Manager will be looking at the issue of sustainability very shortly. Funded for ten years but then the 23 schools need to decide how they intend to continue or reorganise service delivery. He wants to maintain contacts and hopes we resolve things first so they can learn from us!

On reflection we can be very proud of our achievements in the first three years as not only have our schools been benefitting but the community in its wider context as well.

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  1. celpjefscycle January 12, 2008 / 7:42 am

    Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

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