Book Bars

Having posted home most of my conference and visit information so that I can continue to travel, I have only a few snippets of observation and experience to share at this stage.  Adding to what Pat mentioned about teens purchasing stock, I also heard the same message from the Book Bar organiser for the new High Street Library in Bolton.  With the first Book Bar opening any day now, the team at the High Street library have been working with a group of teens to set up the service which will include ‘book waiters’, essentially teens dressed in a uniform hanging out in the book bar talking about books with their peers and helping them find reading material to suit their interests and facilitating discussion amongst the group.  This group has also been instrumental in purchasing titles for the teen collection and went local buying with library staff to help stock the shelves in the new library.  Not suprisingly they chose paperbacks, graphic novels and magazines as top priority which pretty much mirrors what we understand teens enjoy reading.  I will be keen to hear from the team at New Street to find out how it is all working out and hope to post some photos on this blog before too long.

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