Learning centre – we can be proud

Sustainability, measures of success, programmes, management, relationships with schools and community were topics shared today with Richard and Simone at Wolverhampton City Learning Centre. A stunning building and a set up very similar to South. However there is one point of difference, they only work with schools, no parents accompany the visits and no intergenerational learning is catered for. We can feel very proud of our achievements at South and in comparison with others we are well and truly delivering services that are exceptionally innovative and focussed on community engagement.

We are developing a collaborative programme between the two centres and also RHS for September, with a focus on personal, cultural and national identity, blogs, digital stories, podcast are the order of the day.

Funding for LC here will shortly become an issue. It is expected a number of models will be considered and for the most pasrt local body will almost certainly continue their investment. One measure they have implemented is a revamp of one learning space to include a conference room for hire. 6 oval tables can be used as flat surfaces or at the flick of a switch the central part of the table lifts to reveal 6 computer screens for indiviudal work or joint use of one flat screen on the wall for collaborative input and display. The platform offers both Mac and PC for the users and both systems can be used within the pod. This is their first step towards funding generation, the room will not be used by students but hired at top dollor or rather pound. Interestingly Innovation is valued by central and local govt so staff are optimistic funding will be continued, however they are extremely interested in developments for SLC sustainability and have one year left to ensure a back up plan is in place. I am sure you can imagine the intensity and passion of our discussions today. However they are one LC of 150 throughout the country and they are all attached to schools. We have it all at SLC and i can honestly say it was one of the most affirming experiences to see where we sit in terms of international benchmarkingC. Congratulations to all staff, including our wonderful digital library team for their work on this initiative, our City Council can feel proud as we are most certainly World Class!

On a lighter note I forgot to mention MANGA is the catch cry of the teens and Dudley Library has run classes in this genre for parents and children. Birmingham Public Library tomorrow – a full on programme starting with a visit to Welford Primary School and Handsworth to view their Words on Wheels.

One thought on “Learning centre – we can be proud

  1. margot mckeegan June 29, 2007 / 3:34 am

    Very interesting Pat. Do they have holiday programmes? Our numbers are fully up and we’re busy getting ready.

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