Web3 Alive and Well!

Themes emerging from two conferences are Place, Pace and Space. However very quickly:- over 3/4’s of the higher ed professors have own avatar. Attended 3 courses where lecturers spoke about their SL course – ‘juggling with jelly’ is how managing this environment with students is described. Don’t replicate just what you can do in other environments, think about what you can do that you couldn’t do in real life. PICT – model Proactive, Interactivity, Collaborative and constructivist as basis for design in SL. SLOODLe and SLAMs being considered with next step merging of SL and google earth.

Interpretative phenomenological Analysis + interviews – the data gathering and analysis method which we could use for SLC. We have already gathered the data using this method, it is now analysing it – was very reassured to see new methods of data collection and analysis presented – hope!

Don’t talk web2 and web3 to students, learners it is all just learning using different tools. They don’t want the jargon used just ‘give us the elearning options’.

Better go as will be cut off shortly. Typed this all up before in more detail and misjudged timing and lost it all.
Cheers take care Pat

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