Day One – Conference is Go

Today was a very full day of addresses and sessions. Here is a quick sum up:

  • Penny Carnaby’s  State of the Nation – an interesting look at the National Library and all the “gorgeous bits of digital stuff” and projects underway
  • Fellowship presentations to Judith Bright and Barbara Garriock
  • Speech by Minister Judith Tizard
  • Keynote address by ALA president Loriene Roy – she spoke about her platform issues – workplace wellness, supporting library and information science education, and the circle of literacy
  • A double act by our own Paul Sutherland and his offsider Brian Flaherty – a fascinating and imaginative immersion in Library X.0 beta
  • Keynote address by researcher Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal on the new creative paradigm emerging in Maori communities – a source of national pride, an interleaved distinctiveness, mana as creativity
  • An update on the People’s Network from John Truesdale
  • Joanne Crummer on the removal of internet charges by Auckland City Libraries
  • Paul Reynolds on Web 2.0 – Library 2.0
  • And more library awards

It is an equally full day tomorrow. We will bring you all the good oil and finer detail on the sessions when we are back …

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