LIANZA Children’s Book Awards

The theory was that I was going to report on my experience as a judge on the book awards panel.  The ceremony is going to be in an hour’s time.  So far I can report that it involves getting up very early, as the only time we could have a run through and look at stage etc. was 7.30 am!  I can also report that it is nerve-wracking, having discovered that the room for the book awards is not a small discreet one to seat an interested few.  It’s the enormous main hall, in which I could fit my house about 4 times over.   One of us will be back on the blog after the ceremony to tell you the winners.   Probably Donna, as I may still be shaking from the ordeal.

2 thoughts on “LIANZA Children’s Book Awards

  1. Donna September 11, 2007 / 12:57 am

    I am going to blog on it now … Helen did a great job and made me want to look at all the shortlist for the Russell Clark. Wonderful stuff

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