I want to be a map librarian!

Some highlights for me so far this conference:

John Robson from Uni of Waikato – fabulously inspiring and enthusiastic session on the joys of maps and the information that you share visually with the use of maps. How you could not want to be a map librarian? Very passionate and reminded me that being a librarian can encompass many types of librarianship. Definitely my favourite session so far, and I don’t think it will be beaten today.

Dancing with Penny Carnaby at the conference dinner – great sense of style with a fabulous floral coat (her opening talk on Monday morning was also inspiring to listen to, and reminded me of the fact that NZers are ahead of the game in so many areas in the library world, esp. in terms of digital content).

Beetroot showing up on all menus around Rotorua (not sure if this a highlight, or just an observation).

Thoughts of further study & reseach in librarianship – very few PhDs in librarianship throughout Australasia, so there is a plethora of topics to be investigated, and scholarships to be applied for.

Kete Horowhenua – we’ve had several discussions amongst ourselves about where this could work in the Christchurch region … a great sense of community gained through creating a communal online resource which gathers history, events, people and places with local focus. Watch this space …

All in all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed conference, catching up with friends, meeting new people, being inspired by passionate speakers, and I’ve been reminded why librarians, info specialists, archivists and records managers (and all over the other cool titles that we have) are such a great bunch of diverse, interesting, enthusiastic people (who usually have a healthy dose of cynicism to keep them smiling in their work!).

And we have fabulous dress sense and are great dancers!

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