All over red rover

LIANZA Conference 2007 has finished and Rotorua airport is full of conference attendees, all booked on the flight to Wellington (those on the Auckland flight leave later this evening). It’s been a great conference, we’ve all have highlights, moments of inspiration and loads of great stories to share. No doubt there’ll be plenty of discussions of ideas and possible innovations that we can think about for the future.

National Library asked atendees to complete the following statement … in 2017 libraries will be … There were plenty of quirky, hopeful and innovative ideas – any thoughts?

Make sure you come along to the feedback sessions through Library Liaisons to hear all about the sessions and speakers.

The plane taking us to Wellington has just landed and is unloading its passengers, so will head out to the tarmac and onto the plane.

One thought on “All over red rover

  1. Paul September 12, 2007 / 6:12 am

    i have put my answers up – did you do one – if you did link to it

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