Left behind and waiting for my parcel

Due to Air New Zealand and its bottom line I have been left behind in sulphur city – but spent a good looking time in the Rotorua museum. It may be the sulfur but my mind was spining around connections, capability and content.

I think that the digital strategy needs to consider that the connectivity word needs to be replaced with the word connections – and them ain’t all about cables and broadband. A real good example is how the museum is using historic images to illustrate how it used to be inside this place – one of the most compelling museum experiences I have had for a while – in the basement with a hard hat. I have not checked yet to see what is on the museum website but it becomes clear that museums are digitising much in the general exhibit prep – but is there a flow through to the public digital space? And how does the connection between the physical exhibit and putting those images and stories in to the public space – for community curation occur…

The Maori Battalion C exhibit – way cool – but how does it connect with the stuff Auckland Museum are doing with The Cenotaph Database or the official war history of the 28 Maori Battalion and other resources print and digital…

But now i am in my hotel room waiting for a colleague from the National Library to deliver a box of brand new ephemera to put on our public counters…

These postcards are compelling advertising – an great images – just hard to find how many in each series.

Hopefully i also get some more way cool Te Ao Hou trading cards  for myself.

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