Webstock 08: introduction

During the week of the 11 – 15 February I am at WebStock 08 – “not just another web conference” – and it isn’t. Webstock was first held in 2006 and was the brainchild of a handful of Wellington based web professionals who were also excited about web standards, accessibility and the then very new phenomenon now referred to as Web 2.0. Its ongoing tagline is Code for Freedom and this philosophy underlies all of the programmes at WebStock. So why, you may be asking, is Christchurch City Libraries sending librarians to a web conference. Because its more than just about web, and because the internet already permeates the library on all levels, often in ways that we hardly even think about. Forget, for a moment, about the ever growing volume of information on the web, and just think about our own information – the main way that we provide access to our customers to our stock is by way of an electronic database that has a web-based interface. Not only that but we are digitising more and more of our heritage material and putting that n the web also. Whether it’s a database that we create in-house like CINCH or one that we purchase access to like Britannica, many of the things we deal with daily have web based interfaces.

Other minor stuff to note: The T-shirts this year are blue for the women and brown for the guys. The bags are bigger, and all different as they seem to be made out of large printed sheets – everyone’s are cut from different parts of the design. And they’re pretty cool, big enough for laptop plus a bit of stuff. The wireless connection is a little flakey so please forgive the lateness of these posts. Also there are a number of the little ASUS notebooks like we’re looking at for portable devices and the people that I’ve asked about them thus far have been pretty positive about them.

More about actual sessions soon…

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