Webstock 08: Thursday, conference day 1

Thursday opened the conference proper. I’m not go into any detail about the speakers but rather will sum up each speaker in a sentence.

Nat Torkington: Design for the future.

Trends: Growth (aggregation of massed data), Media (newspapers being replaced), Immediacy (data being gathered and used in real-time), People (lazy and irrational, sense of fairness and fun), Reality (user testing, develop for real people) .

Molly Holzschlag: Why Web Standards Aren’t

Current web standards haven’t progressed because the system is broken: as a community we need to stick together and fix it.

Simon Willison: Django

Django (a web framework for developing websites) is cool and maybe even easy for non-programmers: check it out. Plus online documentation.

Peter Morville: Ambient findability

Refer to previous workshop notes PLUS the developing internet of objects: physical objects which respond to digital data and can also affect digital data e.g. ambient orb. We need to consider the findability of not just the home page but also of key content pages.

Liz Danzico: The Framework Age.

In the web 2.0 age we design for improvisation (see modal jazz), creating frameworks within which the user can create their own reality in real time and with others: neither user-centered design or participatory design allow for eveolution during use: we need facilitative design.

Kelly Goto: Getting unstuck

“Its better to be a flamboyant failure than a mediocre success”, put the flow back into your workflow… for this we need:

  • vision & purpose
  • support and buy-in
  • knowledge and ability
  • collaboration and synergy
  • platform and tools
  • attitude and fearlessness
  • progress and results

Michael Lopp: Primal software development

Value velocity over completeness, get the right people, distribute responsibility, communicate deliberately, use version control, ask your customers (because you’re too close to the product) .

Jason Santa Maria: Good Design ain’t easy

“Design can’t not communicate” David Carson. Web design is plagued by sameness: why are there no sites that stand out (he showed us examples of stand-out print media) ? The web is still an immature medium. The form of the design should drive the story.

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