Reference Update

This New Yorker article featured in the April edition of Reference Update.  While it looks at the checklists and protocols in the field of hospital patient  care, there may be general lessons that may be applied within a library setting.

The Checklist

What do you think? What sorts of checklists could be used in libraries to ensure that customers are getting the best service?

One thought on “Reference Update

  1. Katie May 28, 2008 / 4:17 am

    Having working in Healthcare (including ICU) for many years, and used many a checklist – I think that they would be useful for SPECIFIC tasks, the criteria for these tasks would be (at the most generalised level) 1) Where the task has a number of steps that must be completed. 2) Are tasks that aren’t routine and 3)Where customer satisfaction is not always a dead cert. Off the top of my head, an example could be signing up non-city members. If the task doesn’t meet these criteria, a checklist is just more paperwork and more disgruntled staff!

    My tuppence of thoughts!

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