Wish you were here

The here in question being the rooftop of the Sky City Hotel.  Current temperature mid twenties, no wind, bright sunshine dancing across the rippling surface of the azure waters of the heated pool.  It’s a tough job but Damian Cairns and I, your erstwhile LIANZA Conference attendees will bravely persevere with the help of the laptop and the T3G card.

M: So Damian, how’s your conference been so far?

D: Well unfortunately, due to the conditions of Auckland roads we were unable to make the powhiri on time.  So that was a bit of an inauspicious start…

M: Yeah a bit of a shame about that, but I did see David Fane in the hotel lobby so there was at least a bit of a silver lining to that particular cloud.  At least we got here in time to catch Dylan Horrock’s keynote presentation.

D: Yeah, I really enjoyed learning about the history of the comic both as an art form but also all the social upheaval that this form of literature created and the extreme measures that were taken (book burning etc.) in the interests of protecting young minds.

M:  Yes, he’s obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about his comics isn’t he?

D:  He’s also really happy that the graphic novel is making more of an appearance on library shelves.  Diane Mara also presented about “Invisible Knowledge” and giving a voice to Pacific Island peoples, giving them the resources to capture their stories and histories. The presentation itself was a bit all over the place but came from the heart and was obviously a topic that she cares quite deeply about.

M: And she also had some of the funkier of us up and dancing at the end…which was a bit different.  From today’s programme I really enjoyed Mason Durie’s presentation about globalisation.  He brought up a lot of interesting points regarding New Zealand’s changing demography and “future-proofing”.  As I listened to him I thought that Sally Thompson (another attendee, though sadly NOT taking advantage of the rooftop sunshine at this time) would be furiously taking notes as she has been so involved with 2025 and predicting future needs for a changing population was a big part of that process.

D: I missed it.

M: Okay.

D: But…I was really excited, yes, excited after the presentation about the digitising of the papers of Sir Donald McLean by the National Library.

M: I didn’t go to that one.  What was so very exciting, pray tell?

D: 100,000 scans of letters etc.  60,000 photographs.  20 shelf metres of archival material.  All digitised and available online.  It’s not officially launched until 11th December but you can go and search and play on it now.

M: Hmmm, sounds like a pretty major project.  Might have to check that out once we get back to ChCh.

D: Conference isn’t all about listening to librarians talk about their cool stuff though…

M: Oh, isn’t it?

D: No, the social side is where you get some of your best work done.

M: Okaaaaay.

D: Well, you know.  You get to mingle.  Buy drinks for the right people.  Schmooze.  By the way, do you know what the K stands for in K-bar?

M: Alright, well this is getting a bit silly now.  What’s on the cards for tomorrow (other than socialising)?

D:  Well, I’m in “map mode” with three different map-related presentations.

M: And I’m looking forward Mark McCrindle’s session “Engaging with the emerging generation: strategies and skills”.  You can never have too many of those.

D: Sorted.  Right, last one into the pool’s a rotten egg.

M: Alright, just don’t hog the lilo this time…

4 thoughts on “Wish you were here

  1. Paul November 3, 2008 / 4:52 am

    well what does the K stands for in K-bar?

  2. Mo-mo November 3, 2008 / 10:22 pm

    You mean you don’t already know Paul? Well, I’m quite disappointed in you…

  3. Joycee November 8, 2008 / 1:22 am

    Mo did you write this whole blog,’cos I don’t believe Damian knows words like “inauspicious”, unless he swallowed a dictionary in preparation for his blog outing?

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