‘Absorbing information in a multi modal way’

Listening to and watching Mark McCrindle has been one of the more enjoyable features of the conference for me.  After giving an introductory plenary session based on some generational analysis , Mark delivered an interesting session (littered with teaching and psychology lingo) on how to engage with the emerging generations.   We had the run down on the ‘boomer, Gen X,Y,Z etc earlier in the week and yesterday session of skills and strategies had a few little nuggets of info that resounded with me that I thought could be well applied to future thinking about how we develop our Children’s web pages and to some extent service delivery from our learning centres. Taking on board Mark’s strategies for connecting with children in a way that will challenge us but not so much them would put us in a very strong position in providing future thinking and future focused web services.  Let us be ‘future leaders’ (another plenary session for another day)

The challenges for us could include developing a model for the web page that called called upon the skills and knowledge of a wide range of colleagues.  Not just web, learning centre and children’s  colleagues but a range of us who have been exposed to new ideas and also have children who use computers in ways that we don’t understand or even know about.  How cool would it be to get a group of kids representing different age groups designing our children’s web pages?  Get them to tell us how they want them to look, what is available and how to get around it.  I challenge us to do this!  Thinking outside the box, as we are being challenged to do, I can see this would give us a leading edge advantage in discovering new ways to connect with our emerging generation.  We could apply this to other generations and related pages on our site.  Seriously, people would expect no less of CCL, let’s not disappoint them!

Although it is ridiculously early in the morning, my mind is racing with ideas on how we might do this.

Conference dinner was a hoot last night although it felt a bit tamer than usual, however it contained the ubiqutous celebratory elements of lovely food, the consumption of stunningly large amounts of alchohol and a lot of dancing.  My feet hurt a lot and after only a few hours sleep I am really frustrated to not be able to sleep.

One more thing, in a follow on to the previous post. Getting ‘rock star’ Lawrence Lessig to speak at the conference was a stunning coup and really astounded the University Law faculty who had been trying to get him out here without success for some time.   Listening to Lawrence it was easy to see why.  He thinks Librarians are rock stars.  More on that later.

4 thoughts on “‘Absorbing information in a multi modal way’

  1. megan November 4, 2008 / 8:25 pm

    Am stoked to hear about the concept of getting focused on kids and where they want to take the future of libraries – challenging us from the ground up 😉 What relevance do we have for the future generations? And there’s plenty of staff with all sorts of ideas in terms of what kids are exploring on the web, in print and in other forms of media.

    Looking forward to hearing more when you get back.

  2. Paul November 4, 2008 / 9:42 pm

    The relevance we have to anyone is in our hands – we are the people that invent the future – not our kids!

    However we need to do stuff to ensure this happens.

    How are we going to do this?

  3. Jane November 5, 2008 / 1:41 am

    I know…..we could ask the Digital Innovation Librarian!

  4. Ann November 5, 2008 / 6:21 am

    Our only limitations are the limitations we apply to ourselves. While we want to stay in control of process and outcomes, we’ll limit our potential and block opportunities for our kids. It’s along time since I wore kid shoes and they’re an exceedingly bad fit now! So why don’t we watch and listen to them – really listen I mean.

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