What day is it?

Hi guys today’s blog features former CCLers celebrity guest stars Elizabeth Whyte and Fiona Macdonald.  They’ve joined us in Elizabeth’s fourth floor overlooking the harbour, fabulously appointed room at Sky City Hotel. Damian is going to play chat show host and pick the brains of our lovely guests.

D: So Elizabeth what’s been your highlight of the conference so far?

E: Well as far as keynote speakers go it’s been a toss up between professors Mason Durie and Lawrence Lessig.

D: Yeah Lawrence Lessig has kind of been the “rock star” of the conference hasn’t he?

F: Well I think he was incredibly polished but also Dylan Horrocks is a bit of a rock star too and there was lots of crossover between both their sessions.  Lawrence Lessig talked about different ways of understanding and communicating and that linked in rather nicely with Dylan’s discussion of the way that images can be “read”.  That visual information, in the form of comics for instance, can be interpreted by the “reader”.

E: Yeah, and that young people are doing this with their graphic novels and that older people don’t always “get it”.

M: But librarians are starting to now, I think.

F: And the whole Generation Y thing tied in with what Mason Durie said.  He talked a lot about changing demography, the aging population etc. and planning for the future.

D: Any other sessions that you’ve been to today that stand out?

F: Well Chris Todd’s session on “Joined up data and dissolving catalogues” was really good.

D: Oh yeah, what did she have to say?

F: She was talking about RDA (at this point there is mad scrambling as we collectively realise that no one in the room actually knows what this stands for – oh wait, apparently it’s Resource Description and Access. Phew!) and she presented it in a way that was very reassuring to the cataloguers.

D: So wait, why did they need to be reassured?

F: Because they maybe think they’re going to lose the strengths of AACR2 and MARC but in fact it’s going to improve and enhance access.  And there were some very good websites that she used to demonstrate the possibilities that RDA represents to the profession.

M: So it’s day two of conference…

F: No wait, isn’t it day three?

M: Flippin’ heck it’s a bit full on isn’t it?

There is a general consensus in the room that none of us know exactly what day it is and it’s with a certain degree of amazement that we realise it’s Tuesday.

M: Phew, and it’s just the party this evening that we have to worry about.  Aurelia and Rona are presenting a session about bilingual storytimes tomorrow so I’ll probably pop in to that and there’s a tour of Māori Television that should be good.   What is everybody else doing tomorrow?

D: Digital picnic with John Garraway is on the agenda for me and the Datacom presentation on the challenges of digital preservation.

E: Well I’m going to that too and also Helen Mandl’s session on library spaces.

F: I’m going to the same as Elizabeth I think.

And so that ends today’s Conference blog missive.  All we know for sure is that tomorrow is another day, we’re just not sure what it’s called…

2 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. Erin November 4, 2008 / 5:16 am

    Cool – can’t wait to hear more at your Aoraki LIANZA feedback session.
    Do I lose Bard points for knowing what RDA stands for?

  2. megan November 4, 2008 / 8:22 pm

    You can gain more Bard points if you could present a whole Aoraki LIANZA session on it 😉

    Nice to see Fiona & Elizabeth make a cameo appearance on the CCL blog.

    Am really looking forward to hearing about the conference – esp. about ‘rock star’ Lawrence Lessig’s session 😉

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