Diversionary activities

We just never stop working.  Here we are at Auckland Airport waiting for our flight back to Christchurch and rather than using the downtime to eye up expensive handbags in the airport shops we eager beavers (Damian, Lynsey and I) are ruminating on some of the sessions and activities of the last day of conference.

The title of this post comes from John Truesdale’s session on the Aotearoa People’s Network, though it reminds me of last night’s masked dancing fun, so I guess it has multiple uses.  John’s session was really interesting.  It really is astounding how many libraries all over the country now have free internet access as a result of the work that John and his team are doing.  Just thinking about the logistics of putting all those PCs into all those libraries makes my head spin.  And it was not very surprising to find out that the issues around managing those resources are just the same in Kawerau as they are in Christchurch.  Bill (I can’t remember his last name) from Puke Ariki said that the internet access had enabled some customers to “find new ways to be sad in the library”.

You went to something wild today didn’t you Lynsey?

Yes, “Books go wild in Waitakere” which is an online reading programme for years 9 and 10.  You can check it out at the website.  It was very innovative.  I do wonder how well it would work in Christchurch but it’s all about engaging with that “difficult” age group.

And you went to a session about digital preservation didn’t you Damian?

I did.  It was all pretty much common sense stuff, no innovation.  There was nothing “out of the box” in that session unfortunately.  But Horrocks second presentation made up for it.  He was great again.

Our special guest star today is another former CCLer (who also happens to be waiting for his flight) Glenn Taitoko.  If you could stop reminiscing with Lynsey briefly about Canterbury Public library in the eighties perhaps you could tell us about something you attended?

To tell you the truth I really enjoyed the AGM because there was a resolution from the floor that the library education institutions (Open Poly, Victoria) include in their curriculum a Pasifika component as part of their qualifications.  It’ll be in the minutes.

At this point I think we can afford to put our feet and maybe not do any more work until tomorrow.  That’s it for LIANZA conference 2008.  For more info be sure to check out our conference feedback session.

One thought on “Diversionary activities

  1. Megan November 12, 2008 / 10:40 am

    Glad to hear about the Pasifika component for the LIS programmes. It’s strange that it’s been far too long in coming!

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