A few interesting ideas came up in this morning’s forum – Intellectual Property, Creative Commons and Copyright. Kathy Sheat of Copyright Licensing Ltd., ( Something I hadn’t thought of before was how new technology (e.g cell phone cams, video uploading etc) has made people who were previously only consumers of content, into creators, with all the ownership/copyright obligations to consider.

A few of the contributors were concerned with these new authors who were inadvertantly breaking the law when they use copyrighted images, music etc. Some people seemed to have much less concern for people who knowingly downloaded copyrighted products (i.e. textbooks). I think things liks that can show that traditional distribution channels aren’t working for a lot of people and that’s the challenge of the new media and creation opportunities we are dealing with.

Creative Commons was heavily promoted. Go here to check out a great NZ page detailing it. Def something libraries should consider when creating content.

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