Seb and the velveteen rabbit

Seb Chan started is social media session with a moral from the velveteen rabbit – when things are well loved they are worn out and used and not preserved in pristine condition. Social media is about that love and sharing and making things relevant and interesting for your life. LIbraries are good at facts and information, but less comfortable when dealing with the messy child’s bedroom that social networking is. – talks about interest driven practices are in the minority. The majority of social networks are friendship-driven practices. There are ‘genres of participation’.

This means Facebook and flickr have situational relevance – research shows most people who have myspace accounts have facebook accounts. Different bar serves different drinks.

Engagement is hard – no shouting and give up control and share!! Conversations, listening and engagement.

Audiences talk about you and share – sometimes good, sometimes bad – you have to deal with that. Showed a video a teenager made while waiting in the queue to get in cussing at an older guy who could get straight in while the schoolkids had to wait and go in the back door. “They just happened to have media creation tools in their pocket.”

Lego used community driven website to combine with their custom build lego site. pick a brick

It is a way of acknowledging engagement – using people who take photos on flickr in marketing. But this is hard work – requires ongoing internal resourcing as more social networks are built and they work. Need to use the reach of social media – powerhouse have community managers and persona managers – its customer service when you get a comment on a flickr – you have to respond – and customer service doesn’t scale. Managers are dispersed across the organsation.

So where is the audience and what are they using. Can you use digital volunteers? Can you make an ecosystem of shantytowns. It is messy and it is emerging, but it is essential. And everyone must be involved – otherwise “your web team will explode”.

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