The Coromandel project

No we’re not going on a road trip – we’ve had too many ice-creams courtesy of Datacom for that. Lisa won two extra ones as well! The workshops post lunch are 20 minutes or so long so there isn’t much time to write.

But we did get to sample a little of the Coromandel through a digital storytelling project. A 79-year-old had edited a four-minute video of recollections of growing up in Coromandel and snow on the local mountains – a rarity. It was a charming story with family photos and some quality editing.

The project used a three day workshop to help participants create their digital story – however sometimes the facilitator will edit and take a more hands on approach. People bring their own images, by and large, and images are scanned at the workshop.

The equipment is mobile and uses Adobe software and has the assistance of a sound technician. Another digital story about floundering (chasing the fish rather than being out of your depth) was shown. There are 70 stories, with three permanent screening venues and public screenings.

Have a look at the project, which will be archived at

2 thoughts on “The Coromandel project

  1. mj November 30, 2008 / 8:51 pm

    This is a great idea – i can see so many possibilities for how we can make this a reality … it steps up from our internally created podcasts to making it happen at a community level.

  2. richard December 1, 2008 / 6:02 am

    There was similarity to some of the programmes the learning centres run, however this was a continuous three-day workshop, and I think the co-ordinator would edit the script and assist with the video. It was more hands on from that aspect. A sound engineer made good (separate) recordings of the script and then it was edited with the video – quite intensive.

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