150th Tukutuku Panels Project

First Design Workshop Warm-Up by CCL Staff, on Flickr
First Design Workshop Warm-Up by CCL Staff, on Flickr
On Tuesday 17 March colleagues from all over the library network met for an initial workshop on the 150th Tukutuku panels project. Each team in the library will create a tukutuku panel which tells the story of their library or their team’s role within the library.

Facilitated by Aurelia Arona and Paula Rigby (Christchurch City Council Maori Art Advisor) the session was a great opportunity for team representatives to learn about tukutuku and to start thinking about ideas for the design of their panel.

The panels will be contemporary, combining traditional patterns with more contemporary designs and materials to symbolise aspects specific to our library’s history, our community, our natural surroundings, our role in the wider library team. By using non traditional materials we will be free from observing much of the tikanga surrounding traditional materials.

Each team will be provided with a 1200 x 600 pegboard panel on which rows of half round dowel are glued and painted black. We can use “scoubidous” – colourful plastic cords, to weave the base patterns and to lash objects to the panel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scoubidou) Objects such as buttons, beads and other treasures to embellish the designs. Once the panel is at the halfway stage it’s time to get out customers involved – they can help with the weaving or contribute objects, ideas etc. The idea is to work together and have some creative fun while celebrating your team and library.

There are many ways teams can contribute – weaving, design ideas, donating materials, recording the process with words and /or photographs, writing the explanation of what the design symbolises and promoting the community weaving sessions to customers. At the first training day teams were working together sharing ideas and this can continue by using the message board that had been created.  http://staffforums.ccc.govt.nz/ccc/forums/728/ShowThread.aspx#728

Upon completion, the panels will be displayed on the website and our customers can vote on their favourite one. The ‘Peoples Choice’ prize is a team morning tea.

There will be two Library Liaison sessions in April which will cover similar information. Paula and Aurelia have prepared an excellent print overview: Te Puna Mahara

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