Laugh out loud funny

Need some humour to put a smile on your dial after a hard day’s work? Need to be reminded that you aren’t the only one who sometimes is confronted with the oddest requests for information? Need to remember to laugh once in a while?

If you haven’t already discovered Unshelved online, then you could pick up a printed volume – there are six already in the CCL collection, and a new one on its way.

What about Quiet Please by Scott Douglas? Or you could try Library Confidential.

You could read the first volume of James Turner’s series, Rex Libris : I, Librarian, and put your name on the waitlist for the second volume, Rex Libris : Book of Monsters.

And you could always sink your teeth into the many fiction books starring librarians, such as Ian Sansom’s series about  Israel Armstrong, who is described as a “young duffle-coat wearing librarian who solves crimes, mysteries, and domestic problems” – does this sound like any librarian you know? Perhaps you want something a bit more intrepid, then what about The camel bookmobile by Masha Hamilton?

Got any other favourite librarian-related reads you want to recommend?

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