‘Libraries change lives’ – an interview with Jessica Dorr

An interview with Jessica Dorr – the Program Officer for Global Libraries, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Jessica is a  keynote speaker at LIANZA Conference 2009 (she’s on stage at 9.30am this morning and promises a presentation with plenty of photos).

(15.46 minutes, 14 MB)

Jessica recommended this video on Youtube showing how a library project in Latvia, jointly funded by the foundation and the Latvian government, has turned Latvia’s libraries into centres of learning and opportunity by providing better access to information, jobs, and social connections through technology. The grant—which provided public libraries with computer equipment, Internet connectivity, and skilled librarians—is a huge success story and is helping to close the digital gap in Latvia.

(Thanks to Richard Liddicoat of the Digital Library Web Team for his sterling audio work on the interview)

2 thoughts on “‘Libraries change lives’ – an interview with Jessica Dorr

  1. Wendy Butcher October 13, 2009 / 8:49 pm

    I saw many of our people in this video even though thay are on another continent. The needs are similar in all countries. Libraries are percieved as being safe, supportive and non- judgemental community places where people know they can find out things and even though they may not be borrowing as many books they are using us in many new ways.

  2. Bindy Barclay October 13, 2009 / 11:53 pm

    And those of us who don’t have access to LIANZA Conference (geographically, economically, lack of employment status…) also share such “connectivity”.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (couldn’t help thinking on seeing the ubiquitous grassy window that McGovern may save alot of storms in teacups if it were to operate a Foundation?

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