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Sharing and censorship (what a great and difficult combination) were the big themes on the first day of the LIANZA conference. As you can read from my colleagues posts there was much to hear and see on Monday. The highlight for me was definitely Richard Stallman (where the subject of this post is sourced from), check out what  Donna wrote about the session.

Richard Stallman @ LIANZA 2009
Richard Stallman @ LIANZA 2009

So, I will focus on other aspects of this busy and fulfilling day. Beautiful weather for the powhiri was followed by presentations for the 3M Award for ‘Innovation in Libraries’ – won  by the Aotearoa Peoples Network Kaharoa later that evening.

Lunchtime came which presented a chance to meet other delegates as well as check out the huge range of vendors at the conference this year. Micrographic Services were giving out free plant seeds! (nice originality). I  then attended Chris Brickell’s session “Research in Libraries: The example of gay history”. This was a refreshing session where Chris presented his findings from libraries while researching his book “Mates and Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand“. His session was filled with incredible details of  several library collections and resources such as: Cyclopedias, newspapers, Wises, journals, court cases, postcards, ephemera, etc. His talk concluded with some interesting thoughts on censorship such as “who do we name?”, “who do we protect?” [when it comes to sexuality and the role of it in Aotearoa culture].

The last session of the day was Brenda Chawner’s discussion “Talking to the world: using online identities for professional (and personal) communication”. Brenda started surveying people in 2007 and again this year and found that exponentially more people have a profile on a social networking site than 2 years ago. It was a provoking discussion about our identities online and how or if  we keep our professional and private lives separate in  social media. When Brenda asked the audience in the room how many people worked at libraries that had a policy regarding  using social media at or for work only 2 people raised their hands. Have organisations not encountered problems, or is it not an immediate need?

Haneta Pierce receiving award @ LIANZA 2009

I did say that Stallman was the highlight of my day, but it was also a very happy moment when our very own Haneta Pierce was presented with the joint letter of recognition for Bicultural Development. A very proud moment.

All in all a great start, and much more to come…

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