What do Librarians do all day?

First up, an apology. I got our international speakers muddled up yesterday – it was Claudia Lux who spoke at the Powhiri yesterday. She confused me by mentioning North America. Claudia Lux is the outgoing president of IFLA – the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – and her key note speech this morning was titled “Libraries on the Agenda.” It could have been a very dry talk on how to get libraries involved in politics but by half way through the talk I was inspired to get out there and advocate for the importance of libraries in all aspects of life, not just education and culture. Claudia posed an interesting question, that we often struggle to answer – What do librarians do all day? We should be able to have a proud and loud answer ready, an answer that pushes our profession’s importance to society, an answer that reflects the variety of things we are involved in, an answer that would make politicians want to support us. So, what do we do all day? (and you aren’t limited to 140 characters like you are on twitter)

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