Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding

Maybe it’s because spring is coming (oops, it’s here!), maybe it’s because I have not had enough sleep recently, but I think I am in love with Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding. Well, LibraryThing anyway!

Tim Spalding or lollies?
Tim Spalding or lollies?

LibraryThing catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free” – but wait, there’s more – you can also use it to … [Warning: the following list is a very narrow summary of features that is not truly representative of all of the functionality available within LibraryThing. Existing users of LibraryThing may find this offensive]:

  • See who else has the book, and what they think about it.
  • View and add facts about the book such as character names, awards, or places.
  • View and add reviews, ratings, tags.
  • View and add cover images and a gallery of authors.
  • Look at statistics to see books that you share with other LibraryThing members.
  • Use comments to send a note to other members.
  • Connect to other people on LibraryThing by joining or creating a group.

Is this enough to pique your interest? If it is then sign up for LibraryThing. Go to the home page, click “Join now” and enter a user name and a password in the yellow box. That’s it.

If you have already used LibraryThing, then what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding, Tim Spalding

  1. Fiona October 15, 2009 / 4:24 am

    Tim Spalding rocks! He was a great speaker to finish off the Lianza conference yesterday – great delivery, funny, knows his literature and above all gets what librarians do! As someone who has always meant to get around to having a look at LibraryThing, seeing him speak was just the motivation i needed to finally join up. At first glance and try out i suspect it could be quite addictive…

  2. Donna October 16, 2009 / 2:33 am

    I joined in 2006, catalogued a few of my books and haven’t been back for ages … I got hung up on having the right cover. But after listening to Tim I’m definitely inspired to get my library online and to join “librarians who LibraryThing” http://www.librarything.com/groups/librarianswholibrar

  3. mj October 18, 2009 / 8:06 am

    i’m on LibraryThing. getting my head around whether only 200 slots will be enough … i reckon i could swing a life membership for $25 USD.

  4. Simone October 26, 2009 / 8:47 pm

    Yeah go for the life membership. Its great now that you can have separate sections – I have added most of my husbands books as well but he now has his own section, and I’ve separated out my children’s books. I’m not sure about the wishlist though – I use Amazon’s for that. But its great to be able to add ‘Read but not owned’. I do wish I could add my CDs and DVDs though – there are other places that let you do that.

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