Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2010

The inaugural Asian Festival of Children’s Content is being held in Singapore from the 6 – 9 May to celebrate Asian content that is available for children and promote the production of new content. The festival arose from the need to provide quality Asian resources for childrens’ education and entertainment.

The organisers of the festival, the National Book Development Council of Singapore, state that the purpose of the conference is to “draw the attention of content creators and producers to the need of developing Asian content, showcasing the content already available, and promoting new materials as they are produced and published.”  The Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference will also be part of the festival and will feature presentations and workshops by delegates from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, as well as a number of award presentations.  Children’s Literature specialist John Mackenzie from the University of Canterbury is presenting a paper.  For more information about the festival check here.

We have lots of Asian material in our libraries from fiction to graphic novels and music and we need to ensure that these are accessible for children and their parents.  We should also promote these as much as possible, particularly in our Babytime and Storytime sessions.  Here’s a selection of the Asian materials that we have for children in the library:

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