Webstock 2010 – jQuery Tuesday

This is actually Webstock day two but I didn’t do any workshops yesterday – my first Webstock workshop this year is John Resig’s Introduction to jQuery. This is probably the workshop that I’m looking forward to the most because late last year we decided that we were going to start using jQuery for interaction on our websites. JQuery is a javascript library – a way of writing javascript using pre-packaged commands and methods. Basically it takes writing javascript another step away from programming, which is great for my non-programming brain. It seems that I can handle html and css but scripting quickly gets away from me.

Another great thing about the jQuery javascript library is that it handles all the cross-browser compatibility issues so you don’t have to write script in two ways to account for the different ways that web browsers work, especially (as usual) Internet Explorer. Another advantage is that jQuery is used very widely and there are thousands of tutorials and plug-ins (pre-written code that you can just drop into a page to do a specific task) available.

In typical Webstock go-to-the-top manner the Webstock team has managed to get THE jQuery guy to take this workshop. John Resig is the creator of jQuery and its chief developer.

The bag, the T and other schwagThis session was everything that I had hoped it would be. I was really glad to have done a bit of jQuery already and I think was probably at just the right spot for it – knowing enough to keep up, but still getting heaps out of it. I’m really excited about the possibilities for enhancing the usability of our web sites, especially in terms of navigation and form design. So today’s session was great for the How, tomorrow is more about the What with an am session on UI (User Interaction) design and a PM one on Accessibility.

Want to get a taste of Webstock? See the past conference sessions (workshops are not recorded).

One thought on “Webstock 2010 – jQuery Tuesday

  1. Shirley February 17, 2010 / 4:53 am

    Looking foward to hearing all of your ideas!

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