JQuery, a useful tool for web developers


I am currently in Wellington attending Webstock, a 5 day Web workshop and conference extravaganza held in the Wellington Town Hall. I have just emerged from the JQuery workshop enthused and ready to learn more. That’s one of the plus’s in attending these types of workshops, its not so much about the skills you learn on the day but the enthusiasm to find out more, the opening up of eyes to the possibilities, its looking at what you have and knowing that you can make it better.

JQuery is an extensive javascript library which eliminates the need to recreate complicated javascript functions from scratch. Its all about minimising the coding overhead for the website developer while enhancing the user experience by hooking into an extensive, well documented and tested Javascript library. That’s the beauty of JQuery. The key here is to use, and reuse from the library, making the experience better for both the web developer and the end-user.

In February 2009 Netcraft, a organisation that provides web server and web hosting market-share analysis, estimated that there were around 230,000,000 websites on the internet. Almost 30% of those use JQuery. That’s huge!

It means that javascript developers will continue to write and add to the JQuery library. And that’s good news for the CCL Digital Library webteam as they begin to utilise JQuery in the CCL website development.

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