30 years today – Richard Greenaway

On 10 March 1980, Richard Greenaway, local historian extraordinaire and cemetery guru (that’s guru, not ghoul!), started his working life at Christchurch City Libraries, or Canterbury Public Library as it was then known.

Over the years, and through the various incarnations of what was once the New Zealand Room, Richard has taken on the role of archivist, genealogical librarian, and guardian of the Church Register Project. This project has become the keystone of the ANZC Family History collection, and is a marvellous resource used daily by customers looking for those personal details of past Christchurch residents, and the envy of other libraries and heritage institutions.

Richard has also established a community reputation as the guide to our local dearly departed, with his cemetery tours each year during Heritage Week attracting keen audiences.

Showing no signs of flagging, Richard continues to amaze ANZC customers with his extraordinary feats of memory, particularly the recall of obscure dates and personages. The question is though, does it take 30 years in the institution to become an institution?

Annette Williams
Aotearoa New Zealand Librarian

More about Richard

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