RFID – a paradigm shift

Making the most of RFID in libraries
Making the most of RFID in libraries

This week we take a look at what RFID is and how it will affect our customer service.

RFID (radio frequency identification) is about to change our customers’ library experience and with it will come new opportunities in the way we deliver service to them. Although the familiar structure of issues and reference desks signposts our services to customers, and provides a haven for staff it can present a cold and somewhat unwelcoming face to our library services.

Our challenge is to use the opportunity of RFID to take a look at the way we provide our reference service. Do we head down the route of rosterless, deskless librarians roving the floor? What new opportunities will there be for customer training and outreach to the community?

So what is RFID all about and how will it affect librarians I hear you ask. Surprise, surprise – our catalogue is a great place to start for books on RFID use in libraries and inventory control or if you want to explore the wider uses of RFID you might like to take a look at RFID toys : cool projects for home, office, and entertainment  by Amal Graafstra.

Whether you already know a little or a lot we have something for everyone in the following list of references including overviews of RFID technology use in libraries and the reasons why libraries have chosen to implement it:

Darryl Barnaby
Info Centre

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