Competency based recruitment

CoverThe current economic climate puts added pressure on prospective employers and employees alike.  Those seeking employment have to stand out from literally hundreds of other applicants.  Those selecting candidates are looking for someone whose knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours best match their organisational needs.

 To increase their chances of making the right appointment many companies now employ a method of recruitment and interviewing called competency or behavioural based recruitment.  What exactly does this mean to those applying for positions.

First of all the company will have clearly identified and stated the competencies and skills required to successfully do the job in the advertisement and position description.   Prospective employees need to address those skills and base their competency based resumes on how they have successfully developed and demonstrated those skills in current and previous roles

The Gold Coast City Council Job site has an excellent job application guide and uses competency based assessment and interviewing which asks skill-based questions relating to particular situations, actions and results to assess candidates’ suitability.

 Verbal, numerical and personality testing is common practice to help employers predict performance and organisational fit, therefore it pays would-be employees to  become familiar with psychometric testing, what it is and how it works, by doing some sample psychometric tests.

Christchurch City Libraries’ Internet Gateway – Employment and Careers  has links to all the information anyone could possibly need.  For information about specific jobs and the answer to that awkward question, what is your salary expectation, New Zealand careers is helpful.

Library Catalogue searches produce a wealth of titles:

As our society moves towards a future where the only constant is change prospective employees need to show an ability to work creatively and build personal resiliency. 

They also need to dust off their current CV and produce a new document that clearly demonstrates “fitness” for the job.

Wendy MacKay
Papanui Library

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