Have you discovered TED?

TED ideas worth spreading

If you are looking to broaden your mind, be challenged, learn a little about a lot, or learn a lot about a little, then you might want to head over to TED website and see what is on offer.

TED : ideas worth spreading has been around for some time now, with its beginnings in annual conferences, and has shifted with the times and became a global community of TED talks on the web. There are all sorts of talks, by all sorts of people, walking to share their ideas and open your mind to something new. You can search by themes, from technology to entertainment to arts to global issues. You can search by date. You can search by speaker. You can aim for a random choice.

Some folks are well-known, others less so, but they have all got something to say. Some names you might recognise are Lawrence Lessig, Jamie Oliver, Anil Gupta, Malcolm Gladwell, Dave Eggers, Ken Robinson, Tim Berner-Lee, Oliver Sacks.

There’s talks about how we should spend more (not less) time gaming, how we should let kids ‘tinker’ with things to let their imaginations run free, how the fashion industry doesn’t have much in the way of copyright protection (and that isn’t such a bad thing).

So head over to the website, listen, watch and learn.

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