Learning disabilities: What resources can we offer?

CoverIf you’ve ever been stuck knowing where to start looking for information about different learning disabilities, help is at hand. There’s a wealth of information on the subject – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

We have many different books on these topics. Some of the key subject headings include Learning disabilitiesLearning disabled children and Reading disability. We also have information on specific disabilities such as dyslexia.

The Health and wellness resource centre is particularly easy to use and has quality information. 

And, don’t forget about our premium sites.

There are thousands of websites devoted to learning disabilities and it can be hard finding the gems.  Here are some really useful New Zealand sites that we’ve discovered :

Speld NZ has a great website full of useful information.  It’s an interactive site where users can change the font size, type and colour to help them read the information.  Speld offer NZQA accredited training courses for parents and caregivers of learning disabled children.  They also have information about specific learning disabilities.

The  Learning behaviour charitable trust of New Zealand site has some good information about rarer learning disabilities for both parents and children.  The Parent Help section is particularly comprehensive and offers suggestions on how to help with everything from handwriting to behaviour  management.  

The IHC has a particularly good site. Their information about particular disabilities is comprehensive and well worth a look.

Autism New Zealand provides useful resources and links to information on autism.  They also have their own library, which is conveniently located in Christchurch.  Information about the library is on the website.

 South Library

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