Library Liaisons: Behind the scenes at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival

Richard, Bronwyn, Marion and Roberta took us behind the scenes of the recent Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.

It was big; 74 events, 25,500 attendees and schools events over five days. During this time alongside the schmoozing, (Richard’s card went to all the right places), lift encounters (see Roberta for all the details!) the team managed 67 blog posts , 222+ photos not to mention the daily audio wrap ups, and dealing with technological issues.

Each member gave an account of not only the amount and pace of work involved but the fantastic and inspirational atmosphere of a festival they all felt privileged to attend.

Christchurch City Libraries has built an enviable reputation, both through the professionalism of its attendees and the content of its coverage. This is evident in the more prominent role CCL has been offered in the Christchurch Writers Festival in September.

Anyone who has ever toyed with the idea of being involved in a writers festival should talk to one of the team. This is definitely a case of “feel the fear and do it anyway” because judging from the experiences of Richard, Bronwyn, Marion and Roberta it is an opportunity not to be missed.


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