Professional reading: Customer service and first impressions

We have all heard variations of the theory that first impressions are made within seconds.

Struggling to find an article that I thought would be valuable for professional reading and suitably impress, I trawled through our library related e-journals, in various databases, read heaps of articles and put them into a “maybe” pile.

One of them, First Impressions and Rethinking Restroom Questions grabbed my attention. I delved into the abstract and was tempted enough to read on. The first paragraph of the editorial rang true for me:

“Every library that I have worked in over the last twenty-plus years has had at least one staff member grumbling about how often they have to give directions to the restroom. They grumble about patrons who need lessons in reading signs and architects who evilly plan library buildings with invisible restrooms or restrooms far from the entrance.”

Lorraine J. Pellack challenges librarians to rethink why someone may be asking you a particular question and talks about customer service and the importance of our library patrons. Her final paragraph made me laugh as I liked the author’s directness. Her advice to treat every restroom enquiry as a fresh challenge certainly resonated with me.

Denise O’Neil
Info Centre

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