Professional reading: Plagiarism to order…at a price

A CAREFULLY MANICURED soul patch graces Jordan Kavoosi’s lower lip. His polo shirt exposes tattoos on both forearms—on his right, a Chinese character; on his left, a cover-up of previous work. Curling his mouth up into a sideways grin, the 24-year-old sinks back into his brown leather chair.

“I mean, anybody can do anything,” he says, gazing out a window that overlooks the strip-mall parking lot. “You just have to do whatever it takes to get there.”

Kavoosi is in the business of plagiarism. For $23 per page, one of his employees will write an essay. Just name the topic and he’ll get it done in 48 hours. He’ll even guarantee at least a “B” grade or your money back. According to his website, he’s the best essay writer in the world …

Read the full article by Andy Mannix on the Minneapolis City Pages.

Sargia Harrison

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