Databases: World Book Digital Libraries

This consists of three digital libraries: Living Green, Early Peoples and Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Inventions and Discoveries is especially useful for school homework enquiries relating to medical technology.
  • Translations of content is available in many languages.
  • An in-built dictionary makes it easy to find definitions simply by double clicking on the word. A glossary is also available.
  • Content is varied e.g. it includes animated clips and interactive features such as crosswords to support learning. These features could also be of interest to teacher trainees, Early Childhood Education students, home schoolers etc.
  • Lesson plans are available – these could be useful not only for teachers but also for students for presentations.
  • My Research Folder enables users to produce pathfinders relating to any of the World Book content
  • At the end of each article there are links to related subjects, a useful feature for students wanting to explore other aspects of the subject.

Glenn Coster
Info Centre

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