Putting holds on serials – a few tips

Every day the Serials & Preservation Team get enquiries about holds on serials.   A common problem is that people are putting a hold on the “main entry” rather than the “brief entry”. This means that a hold will never be fulfilled. It also means that if staff are doing it from Symphony that they have to override the system to do it – this should be the first hint that something is wrong.

  • The main entry is the record that contains the publication information about the serial and its holdings.
  • The brief entry is a record for individual items of that serial and has the associated date on it.

How to place holds on serials

On Web catalogue:

  • Use Search Catalogue, enter the title and click on Periodical Title.
  • Find the brief entry for the issue required and proceed with hold.

On Symphony:

  • From item search find the title using the Periodical Title and Keyword Search.
  • To speed up the search add the year to the search e.g. BBC wildlife 2007.
  • Find the issue required and proceed with the hold.
  • Avoid the main entry which will be the one with no date or volume information attached!

Colleen Finnerty
Serials & Preservation team

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