Library Liaisons – Library Displays

On a gloomy, wet Wednesday morning, Marion, Sarah, Joyce, Toni and Zac treated us to a feast of bright and lively library display ideas.

Using ideas from a workshop by Vince Collins, who runs Impact Displays in Auckland, Marion showed us how she has created a range of displays for all kinds of events and themes at South Library.  She urged us to think of the different events that the library is involved in throughout the year and use these as the basis of our displays.

Sarah and Zac showed us some of their amazingly creative displays and Sarah demonstrated how to create a sea-themed display using simple items that most of us would be able to find easily in our  libraries.

Joyce urged us to love our laminators and showed how laminated posters and book covers can create professional and eye-catching displays to promote various parts of the collection.

All the presenters have found that there are some useful websites out there to help with fresh ideas.

This was a thought-provoking demonstration of just what can be created with a bit of time and ingenuity to really enhance the look and enjoyment of the library for our customers.

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