Diversity Forum, 2010

Having attended the Diversity Forum recently, I thought it might be useful to pass on some of the information about the people involved in various refugee and migrant support organisations, and some of the projects they have been involved in.

Jude Ryan-Odea manages the Canterbury Migrant Employment programme which works with matching new migrant and refugees with Canterbury employers’. This programme has been running for five years and has placed over 400 skilled migrants and refugees into jobs.

Shirley Van Waveren is the Co-ordinator of  Christchurch Settlement Support which acts as an information service for new migrants.  They Provide very good support on finding your way as a new immigrant, eg getting a bank account, road rules, finding a good school etc.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs in collaboration with the Muslim community set of a scheme called Building bridges, with the objective to build bridges between the Muslim and other communities, while promoting positive awareness and visibility of muslims in New Zealand.   The concept for this came from the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations which was set up by Kofi Annan.

Hassan Ibrahim, Refugee Education Coordinator also spoke about the building bridges project, but then went on to talk about the New Zealand Education curriculum and how it supports refugee education.  There is an excellent link on the Ministry of Education page about  Integrating refugee students  into schools which is also very relevent for Libraries.

Mia Northrop is a social media expert from Melbourne who spoke about her campaign Vindaloo against violence, which used facebook to mobilise people to protest about the violence being directed at the Indian population.  She also did a session on Social media, and being true to her belief in social media has posted her Powerpoint onto slideshare.

Jane K

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