Library Liaisons Wednesday 25th August: MLIS Students Talk About Their Research Projects.

On Wednesday August the 25th we had the opportunity to listen to Alan Seaton and Daniel Malpass talk about their respective research projects undertaken to complete their MLIS This was a great opportunity for anyone who is thinking about studying, in the process of studying, or caught in what feels like a bottomless pit of studying, to encounter two people who have not only come out the other side (relatively unscathed by all appearances), but have also in the process produced interesting and relevant work.

Alan’s project focussed on Recession and Library Use and whether the Librarian’s Axiom that library use increases during a recession does hold up in today’s current economic climate. Daniel’s project looked at the practise of labelling and restricting controversial items within NZ libraries.

Alan and Daniel gave an excellent account of not only the results of their findings but also the process and methods used to achieve them. Both refined their topics with guidance from their supervisors and both found it difficult to source relevant literature for their topics. Alan used a face-to-face interview method (a total of 24hrs and 191 people), while Daniel used a written survey. Both talked of the positive and negative aspects of these approaches.

This was a really worthwhile morning as not only did it demystify what can seem like a daunting undertaking, but was also an opportunity to hear two really interesting discussions on topics that have relevance in our everyday library life.

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