Databases: Proquest International NewsStand

NewspaperProquest International NewsStand offers a selection of international newspapers.   Titles include The Times (UK), New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Korea Herald and typically contain full text copies of all the articles from at least the last fourteen years of the newspaper publications it holds.  Some titles contain full text copies of all the articles they hold going back to 1984.  Since The Times (UK) went subscriber only in July this year, its readers will be pleased to know that they can still access the newspaper’s website via Proquest International NewsStand, the only free option currently available.

Proquest offers highly specific searching tools and relatively easy to visualise browsing capabilities for all of the publications it offers. With the advent of Press Display it’s important not to overlook the ProQuest International NewsStand resource as it offers some major international publications not included in Press Display such as The Times (UK) and the New York Times. 

It’s a fantastic resource for searching for articles within international newspapers from the past couple of decades. We need to be specific in our questioning of customers who ask for newspaper resources and determine the purposes they are wanting to use newspapers for as well as determining the publications they are wishing to browse.  If they want to search international newspaper publications about articles or events that are over 3 months old, then ProQuest International NewsStand is a fantastic resource for them. 

Kahl Deth & Daniel Malpass
Info Centre

One thought on “Databases: Proquest International NewsStand

  1. Paul September 14, 2010 / 11:54 pm

    Note – we are ceasing our subscription to this product soon.

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