Maori women and the vote

PhotoThe Ministry of Women’s Affairs has a resource on Suffrage 2010, and it features information on  Māori Women and the Vote, honouring the active role of  Māori women suffragists:

Māori women were very active in the struggle for the right to vote in both the national parliament and the Māori parliament, Te Kotahitanga, but their story is not well known. To mark Suffrage Day 2010 the Ministry is publishing a web resource on the role of women like Meri Mangakāhia of Te Rarawa, who were prominent in the struggle. The resource is based on information from Māori women and the vote, by Tania Rei (now Tania Rangiheuea), published by Huia in 1993. The assistance of Tania Rangiheuea and Robyn Bargh of Huia Publishers, is gratefully acknowledged.

There is some information on Meri on our page on the Kate Sheppard Memorial as she is one of the women honoured there.

Nāku noa
Donna Robertson
Digitial Library Services

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