Ti Kouka Whenua

He KupengaTi Kōuka Whenua uncovers the vibrant past of Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region, a past that is hidden as there are only minimal visual reminders of history prior to colonial settlement:

Increasing awareness and knowledge of this rich and intriguing Māori past is the primary aim of this website. We hope that it will enrich your understanding of your surroundings and enhance your current perceptions of the city in which we live … This website will provide some insights into a selection of these places.

Recently we’ve been adding new content from Māori Services. Tangata Rongonui explores some significant historical characters and we are working on adding to the places of Banks Peninsula Horomaka or Te Pataka o Rakaihautū.

Ti Kōuka Whenua is one of the great taonga of the Christchurch City Libraries website, one that only gains in importance as we explore it, learn about our region,  and recommend it to our customers.

Nāku noa
Donna Robertson
Digitial Library Services

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