Professional Reading: Social networking and the library

“The Library of Congress has acknowledged the cultural significance of social networking with its announcement that Twitter has donated its entire tweet archive to the library.”  This extract from the appealingly titled Social networking in the library – what is it good for? (a question many of us have asked ourselves at one time or another) is just one of several excellent articles on the subject in the  September issue of Computers in Libraries.

Articles range from the succinct 1 pager such as the above to more detailed discussions.   One such is Using social networks to create powerful learning communities. Marianne Lennox and Maurice Coleman describe how they use social networks to create formal and informal learning tools within their respective libraries and to connect and share resources both within their own organisations and with other trainers.

Each approach is slightly different but the end result is similar.  Coleman is the host of the podcast T is for training which both use.  This is an enthusiastic and informative article showcasing innovative ways of delivering professional development.

Sue Colyer
Info Centre

3 thoughts on “Professional Reading: Social networking and the library

  1. absolutelyobvious October 12, 2010 / 12:57 am

    If you use Twitter, please add @ChristchurchLib to your list 🙂

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