Twitter tips, tricks and tweets

If you are not using Twitter yet, then here are some book recommendations for you — using some tweets of course from @ChristchurchLib:
Twitter tips tricks and tweets-stuff for new and confident tweeps; the basics thru to cell phone use, bots & trends SvH

Wish you could convince your older and wiser rellies to use facebook or twitter? Just get this one out #goodbooks SvH

In response to the “Wish you could convince your older and wiser rellies to use facebook or twitter?”, our friend Tulip Black wrote “@ChristchurchLib hell no”.

But I reckon it’s worth a go, so thinking of my Irish relatives, very sensibly replied “Ah, go-on go-on go-on, twill be good, to be sure to be sure to be sure @tulipblack.”

CoverI’ve found recommendations from the Twitter tips, tricks and tweets book pretty useful. If I wanted to, I could now be tweeting from my phone by texting 8987  followed by a tweet. I’ve found some useful bots, including the Amazon junglebot,  that automatically sends me information about books and DVDs, and Twanslate (not a typo) that return translations for tweets you feed to it.

After only a few weeks of using Twitter, Christchurch City Libraries:

  • Has more than 500 followers
  • Has a Klout social influence of 15.

According to Klout this means that:

ChChCityLibraries is an Activist [with]…an idea or cause you want to share with the world and you’ve found the perfect medium for it. Your audience counts on you to champion your cause.

Who knew.

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Are we Twits?

What is of real interest is that using twitter we can “listen” to our customers, share recommendations, interesting tidbits and laughs. We can help them to find what they need, answer queries, and laugh along with them too.

So is Twitter a new form of outreach? Or are we becoming Twibrarians? Or are we just Twits?

Whatever your take, I recommend that you take some time to dip your toe into the waters of the Twittersphere so that you can find out why it is that Twitter has grown more in the last year than since it began. Our customers are taking note and so should we.

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