Premium website: Science Reference Center

LogoScience Reference Center now features a more engaging interface designed specifically for students.  It now provides easier access to a multitude of full-text science oriented content including:

  • Full text for nearly 200 full-text science periodicals including New Scientist and Scientific American
  • 626 full-text science reference books
  • More than 3,790 full-length biographies of scientists
  • Over 10,000 scientific images and 500 science videos.
  • Create RSS feeds from searches
  • Print, email and save your results to a folder for the length of your session, or set up your own account to store your items.

Topics covered range from the usual suspects – biology, chemistry, physics and technology to other scientific endeavours like earth & space science, environmental science and science & society.  This resource is listed individually through the Premium Websites page and continues to be searchable through EBSCO Megasearch. Have a play and see what you think!

Colleen Finnerty
Serials and Preservation

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