Libraries and Leisure

The ideology of the library being a place to get books from is so last century.  Anyone who hasn’t been looking will have found that their library has become a lively and vibrant meeting space for the community to hang out, have fun and pursue some leisure-time activities – the complete entertainment/information package!  Internet access and wireless (for libraries lucky enough to have it) are great drawcards for visitors who play their part in creating a buzz.

The Recreation section of our library website caters to a wide range of visitors, both local and overseas with links to all the biggies such as music, reading, sport, art and entertainment but more about these topics later.

Have you ever stopped to browse the Hobbies section?  There are some very weird, cool and wonderful things in that list.  Otherworldly events and activities reads like a DIY fantasy novel. There are clubs for serious game players where you can recreate your own war and play real time Risk!

Comic book groups and computer gaming clubs exist for all those grownup kids.  The Games page has an extensive list of word, card, board, computer and role-playing games for people to join. Crosswords, home-brewing, gardening, kite flying, even investing are just some of the activities listed in the Recreation section that you may be able to interest customers in over the summer.

The staff of New Brighton and Parklands libraries have compiled a massive list of resources for finding out about what’s on locally, not just in summertime but all year round.  A good examples is  Music on Internet Gateway, which has several useful websites detailing local music events.  One of these, Undertheradar, has a line-up of events featuring magazine-style news and reviews.

Eventfinder and BeThere feature a breakdown of places and musical preferences.  Mukuna and the RDU event guide are useful for followers of popular pub-style gigs. The New Zealand Herald also gives a quick fix list of the more obvious music events in Christchurch.

Nicole Reddington

New Brighton

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